Forgiving Kevin: The Book

Larry is the author of Forgiving Kevin: A Son’s Addiction Becomes a Father’s Greatest Teacher. It is the true story of the father/son relationship that withstood seven years of addiction, recovery,

Kevin: The Movie

Larry  Glenz discusses his turbulent journey of trying to save his  All-American lacrosse playing son Kevin from the horrors of opiate  addiction.   

Larry chronicled his story in his book "Forgiving Kevin: A Son's  Addiction Becomes a Father's Greatest Teacher", which is being made into  a feature film, courtesy of Cloverhill Pictures.

Editor: Michael Doneger 

Music: "Broken Promises" by Bon Vie

Forgiving Kevin Look Book

Turning  my self-published memoir, Forgiving Kevin, into a full-length motion  picture was not my idea.  When I was approached in 2014 with an offer  from an independent filmmaker, my first thought was to say “no.”  I did  not want anyone in my family or other people associated with these  events to possibly be hurt or offended by a depiction of this story of  which I would not be in control.  

I  was asked, “Don’t you think a well-made motion picture of this story  would reach and help more people than your book will?   I said, “Maybe,  but how do I know it will be a well-made motion picture?” 

There  was no way to know.  But as I have learned from my study of A Course in  Miracles, I could put Holy Spirit in charge.  And that is what I did.   I felt I received Guidance to say, “Yes” to this proposal and

“to let go of the outcome.”

For  three years the process of making the movie seemed to be moving forward  with an adapted screenplay.  It appeared we had the script, the  funding, the cast, and location ready to start production.

Close  friends of mine had invested the capital to get the process started.   The mood was upbeat and we were motivated by the chance to make a  difference in the scourge of the rising opioid epidemic.  Just when it  appeared we were days away from shooting the first scenes,

it all came  crashing down.

Upon  further investigation, our executive producer turned out to be  unreliable and dishonest.  It came to our knowledge that he had  misappropriated funds in previous projects and was now doing so again.   Any effort to save Forgiving Kevin – the Movie would require a new  start with a radical change of leadership. 

Enter  Michael Doneger, 33, a young filmmaker now living in L.A. , with very  strong connections to Lynbrook lacrosse and to Kevin Glenz.  Mike has  produced, written, directed, and performed in his three full-length  motion pictures (Brampton’s Own, The Escort, This Thing with Sarah – 

(check out on Amazon video).   

Michael  and I have a strong bond.  We agree that no filmmaker on this planet is  better qualified to tell this story.  I am honored to have him in  charge and grateful for his large heart that now directs it.

And I can’t wait to see the good that comes from this!