Kiran and Paul Wedding



I’d like to welcome all of you to this very special occasion in honor of Kiran and Paul .

We   are gathered here today to witness and celebrate an act of deep love.    Kiran and Paul, in their devotion, respect, and love for each other   wish to unite in the holy bond of marriage, and to dedicate themselves   to each other’s happiness and well-being as life partners.  On behalf  of  them, I welcome all of you.  

I   remind all of our guests that you have been invited here for a holy   purpose – not just to witness, but to participate fully with your   thoughts and prayers, asking  to bless this couple.  You are here   because this couple feels close to you and asks that you join them in   this dedication of sacred purpose.  You represent symbolically all the   people in the world who will be touched in any way by the life of this   couple.  You represent their friends and family, now and forever. They   have chosen this act of marriage and this public, spiritual ceremony to   proclaim it.  Together we all thank those who brought them together  and  that they are always there to guide their way.


Let   us close our eyes and take a moment to bring to mind any loved ones  who  could not be here today. Though they are absent physically they are  in  our hearts always and their presence felt in everything we do and  allow  them to bless us all.  


“People  sometimes lose faith in the idea of soul mates, or love at  first  sight. But if one begins to believe that in a lifetime, if you  are  lucky, you might meet someone who was exactly right for you. Not   because he was perfect, or because you were, but because your combined   flaws were arranged in a way that allowed two separate beings to hinge   together as one forever.”


Let  me explain that Kiran and Paul have not  come here today only to make a  solemn promise or to exchange a sacred  vow.  For love has no  requirements or conditions.  That’s what makes it  Love.  If your love  for one another carries requirements or conditions,  then it is not love  at all.

What  Kiran and Paul have  come here to do, is to make public their love for  each other; to  declare their choice to live and partner and grow  together – out loud  and in your presence, out of their desire that we  will come to feel a  very real and intimate part of their decision, and  thus make it even  more powerful.

They’ve also come here today in the further hope that their ritual of bonding will bring us all closer together.

Kiran   and Paul, is it your firm understanding that you are not entering into   this marriage for reasons of security……that the only real security is   not in owning or possessing, nor in being owned or possessed.

…not in demanding or expecting, and not even in hoping, that what you think you need in life will be supplied by the other…..

But   rather, in knowing that everything you need in life…..all the love,  all  the wisdom, all the insight, all the power, all the knowledge, all  the  understanding, all the nurturing, all the compassion, and all the   strength, already resides within you…..

And   you are not marrying each other in hopes of getting those things, but   in hope of giving these gifts, that the other might have them in even   greater abundance.

Is that your firm understanding today?

(They say, “It is.”)

And   Kiran and Paul, is it your firm understanding that you are not  entering  into this marriage as a means of in any way limiting,  controlling,  hindering or restricting that which is the highest and  best within you –  including your love of life, your love of people,  your love of  creativity, your love of work, or any aspect of your being  which  genuinely represents you, and brings you joy.

Is that still your firm understanding today?

(They say, “It is.”)

Finally,  Kiran and Paul, is it your firm understanding that you do not see  marriage as producing obligations, but rather as providing  opportunities…..opportunities  for growth, for full Self expression, for  lifting your lives to your  highest potential, for healing every false  thought or small idea you  ever had about yourself, and the communion of  your two souls…

Is that the Vision you wish to enter into now?

(They say, “It is.”)

Now   those were the agreements and understandings of Earthly things…   life will be within the physical structure called marriage.

Let   us now exchange larger understandings…..your spiritual nature and your   spiritual Truth….the purity of your real and Highest Self, and the   purity of True Love, which shines upon you now and always.


We will exchange our own vows.

And now would (Tyler Nick’s son) please bring up the rings?


These rings and their circular nature are the symbol of perfection, and peace.

These   rings exchanged today are also the symbol of never-ending love.  Love   that must first begin with each of us as Self Love, then radiates out  to  another and allows their love to return in full measure….completing  the  circle of love without end.

Lastly, these rings are the symbol of the eternity of spiritual life and truth….that which has no beginning and no end.

The   precious nature of the metal and stones of these rings represents the   wonderful essence they find in each other and the wonderful essence  they  find individually, through their mutual love, respect, and support  of  each other.

To both of you, I  enjoin  you to release at this time all impediments to your joy. In this  moment  may you forgive each other any past transgressions, that you  might  enter this marriage reborn.  Allow the waters of forgiveness to  wash you  clean.  You are given the chance to begin your lives again  this day  with a radical renewal through the power of this commitment.   You commit  to a compelling future for yourselves and your children,  and to any  part you might play in the healing of the world.  


(The minister gives the rings back to Kiran and Paul)

Now, Kiran and Paul please take these rings you wish to give one another and repeat after me:

With   this ring…..I thee wed….that we may bond in body, mind, and   spirit….,radiating out love to improve the quality of all of life….I   take now the ring you give to me…..and give it a place upon your   finger…..that all may see and know….. of my love for you.


And  so now, in as much as you, Kiran, and you,  Paul, have sanctified your  union by announcing your truths that are  already written in your  hearts, and have witnessed the same in the  presence of these, your  family and friends, and a spiritual entity  through the power vested in  me, I now pronounce you husband and wife.

You may kiss the bride. (KISS)


Let us now join in a final blessing.

Dream Big

Play your part and leave the rest,

Life gives us each day a new test,

It is up to us, how we tackle the same,

It is all about a positive mind frame,

Just do your best and leave the rest,

Good luck to you, always stay blessed! 

Ladies and gentlemen, let me proudly present to you, our newlyweds, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Luzzi